Stories Are More Than Marketing


It seems like more and more people want to harness the power of stories for the purposes of marketing. But is that really what stories are for? I could have sworn they were about something else besides selling products.

I understand that stories are often seen as a nifty way to connect with customers but I’m concerned that that isn’t quite capturing the true intent of storytelling.

I talk a lot on the podcast about learning to tell better stories but marketing seems to take that to an extreme. If you can make good enough stories, you can probably convince people to buy things they don’t need. That’s not actually something I want to see happen. I don’t want marketers to develop the storytelling skills they need to convince us all that we need whatever it is that they are selling.

What if there was more to storytelling that just telling good stories? What if it also meant a willingness to stop and listen to the people who have important stories of their own that the world needs to hear?

It’s easy to become focused solely on self-promotion and getting your own creativity seen and heard, but maybe there is a better way to go about doing things. Maybe by focusing on the people who really really need to be heard and helping share their stories, we can actually make more of a difference than by focusing on our own projects.

If you get a chance, listen to today’s episode as we talk more about how listening to other people’s stories might be more important than telling great stories.

We’ll also look at how Slack managed to create a great customer service experience despite a massive outage as well as how the efforts of marketing to use stories to sell products isn’t quite capturing the true intent of storytelling. I’ll also share one really cool project that needs your help.

You can listen to Episode 27 here!


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