The Geography of Story


Geography has a huge effect on characters and their decisions. In this week’s episode of Story Punch, we’ll be looking at the following questions;

  • Can geography be a character?
  • How does a single location movie work?
  • What about exotic or fantasy locations?
  • How can geography help convey emotion?

Here’s an excerpt from the episode:

All stories require geography. 99% of stories have characters who exist within the confine of space and time. They exist within three dimensions and therefore the story must deal with that space they live in. Whatever environment you choose to put your characters in will greatly affect their decisions.

If you put two characters in a sports bar, they will probably have a very different conversation than if you put them in a library. One context will push them toward joking and laughter, another context toward hushed whispers.

A politician character at a press conference will reveal much different things than that same politician in his bedroom. Same character, different geography.

Where your characters are helps defines your story’s potential. Certain things happen some places that can’t happen otherwise.

I hope you’ll give it a listen!


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