Story Punch is on iTunes!

story punch logo final

I’m very happy to announce that the Story Punch podcast is now on iTunes. Please feel free to check it out and let me know what you think!

If you don’t have iTunes or an Apple device, it should be up on Stitcher sometime later this week

For me this podcast represents hours of writing episodes, recording, editing, and learning the basics of podcasting, but for everyone else I hope it’s just a pleasant reminder about how amazing stories are and a little incentive to tell more of them in your own life.

I covered episodes 1-4 in the my last post so let me tell you a little bit about 5-8.

Episode 5 – Storytelling with Earl Creps

On this episode we get to hear from Dr. Earl Creps, a vibrant communicator, author, and lead pastor of 360church in Berkeley, California. Earl’s storytelling specialty is discovering unique metaphors that really bring stories to life. He talks a bit about how to do that in your stories.

Episode 6 – 5 Qualities of Likeable Characters

I think the best kept secret about stories is creating great characters. The audience will only be invested in a story if they are first invested in the characters. Here are five tips for writing relatable and likeable characters.

This episode’s opening story is my first attempt at fiction. It’s called Wanda’s Watch.

Episode 7 – How To Layer A Story

How do you make a story make sense to your audience? By using layers. Connecting the beginning of your story to the end of your story can make all the difference. On this episode I talk about what that looks like and accidentally use several examples from Christopher Nolan films.

This episode’s story is called The Desert Mechanic.

Episode 8 – Raising the Stakes

Danger and destruction don’t make a story more exciting. Only characters up against big emotional obstacles can do that. Stakes are more about uncovering the deeper meaning and larger consequences than bigger explosions. Movie examples in this episode include Battleship, Inception, and Toy Story.

This episode’s story is called The Bamboo Nightmare.



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