Coming Up Next!

I’ve been happy to finally get some episodes recorded for the upcoming podcast. It’s been a fun experience learning the ropes of recording and sound editing.

One of the first thing I did once I had some episodes ready was I sent them my friend Churro to take a look at them. He is an avid podcast listener so he was able to give me some great feedback. Probably the most important thing he told me was to ax the music. Just to keep things simple I had recorded a bunch of piano tracks on my own to use as the intro and outro music. But evidently they weren’t good! So I found some different music to use and it immediately sounds much better.

Most of my episodes will probably only be about 15 minutes long. I was shocked at the first how short they were but ultimately I’d rather put out something really quality than just ramble on the microphone. Short and to the point. (Interviews will be longer though.)

Once the show gets started I’m hoping that people will write in with story advice or even stories of their own that I can share at the beginning of each episode. I think that will help the episodes be a little bit longer.

Anyway I’m extremely excited to launch the podcast in a few weeks. I’m trying to arrange times to interview more guests and thinking of new topics to cover on the show. Here’s a little sneak peek at what’s coming up.

Episode 1 – Every Story Has A Punch

In the inaugural episode I talk about why I think stories are so important. I cover the definition of a story punch and yes it actually means something. We’ll go over the three core values of the podcast which all have to do with my particular view of stories. I also tell the story of how I ran out of gas on the freeway. It should be good!

Episode 2 – Storytelling with Lashon Daley

Even though I’m not really a story expert, some people are! In this episode I interview Lashon Daley who studies folklore and storytelling and is beginning her PhD in the fall at UC Berkeley. She is really nice, smart, and fun so you won’t want to miss it.

Episode 3 – What Are Stories Made Of?

In the third episode we ask what really makes a story a story on a basic level. There are a lot of charts and diagrams out there but this is my personal take on the fundamentals of storytelling.

Episode 4 – Three Ways to Avoid Boring Stories

Finally in episode 4, I’ll be sharing three rules that can make your stories more compelling and less boring. This topic is pretty close to my heart and I think it’s just the beginning of where I want to go with this show. I’m also really proud of this episode because I think this is the one where I’m finally starting to get my groove and actually sound comfortable inside the podcast medium.

If you have any story advice or stories of your own that you’d like to share on the show, please go the Share Your Story page and send me your thoughts!


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