Major Announcement!

Story Punch Cover Photo

Three years ago I started writing what at the time I thought was going to be a book. I couldn’t find the right tone for the project or figure out how to make all the pieces come together so I decided to lay it aside. From time to time I have looked over those notes and drafts wondering what to do with them.

Ideas kept growing in my head and in order to give some of them an outlet I started writing about movies. I genuinely love movies and do enjoy writing about them, but sometimes I just want to enjoy them without attempting to analyze or review them. And movies represent only a fraction of the great stories out there.

I’ve been longing for a medium in which to communicate and explore my thoughts. And I think I’ve finally settled on one.

In a few weeks I’m starting a Story Punch podcast. Each week we are going to talk about how to tell stories and chat with people out there with their own interesting stories to tell.

It’s going to get more personal. Instead of just talking about movies, I’m also going to be sharing stories from my life. I’m going to talk with real people who have unique experiences and ambitious dreams about the future.

Everyone has stories to tell. Maybe together we can figure out just how to do that.

Check out the announcement video below:


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