Coming Up Next on Story Punch!


One way in which I hope to differentiate Story Punch from the multitude of other movie and storytelling blogs out there is through sheer brute force. In other words, by featuring long form articles that present a fuller perspective than a quick 500 word movie review can normally provide. It’s called film analysis, baby!

However this comes with a catch. Longer articles require more time to write, proofread, and edit. This means some articles are going to be in the crockpot for a while. Don’t worry, I’m still planning on getting new stuff up every week but the long meaty stuff is going to have to brew for a bit.

Just to give a little sneak peak of what I have in store for this month, here’s what I’m currently working on:

A Universal Theory of Bad Movies

What makes bad movies worse than the average movie? What special qualities do they possess that the rest don’t? It’s pretty simple really. The answer will be revealed in this groundbreaking earthshattering worldrattling mega-article.

The One-Word Themes of Christopher Nolan

Christopher Nolan is a talented filmmaker who has won critical acceptance, popular acclaim, and box office gold. Each of his recent films seem to revolve around a one-word theme, usually some primal human emotion with a negative consequence. Let’s explore Nolan’s dark protagonists and their films’ corresponding themes.

Evaluating the Importance of Influence Characters

Dramatica theory claims that the main character of any fully formed story requires a dynamic relationship with an important influence character. This secondary character represents the opposite of the main character’s worldview and through their relationship the story develops its major themes. What are influence characters? Are they really out there? We’ll go through many recent and popular examples in copious detail.

What Is A Story Punch? A Definitive Explanation

I’ve alluded to the title of this blog a little bit, but what exactly is a Story Punch? Why would you name a blog after it? We’ve been covering a lot of movies since they are readily accessible but it’s about time to go deeper into the storytelling principles that this blog hopes to explore. Movies are just one launchpad for learning to tell better stories.

Stay Tuned

So that’s what is coming up next. Leave a comment or suggestion for any of these upcoming articles or perhaps an idea you would be interested in hearing about. Thanks for reading!


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